After posting a couple of articles in December of 2012 that were well received by a select few (literally, 3) people, I decided to indeed pursue documentation of my journey through photography.

In its’ short life, my blog has had positive feedback. “This guy is a real idiot”, claims one commenter, clearly rapturous upon completion of my provided reading material. “He has no idea what he is talking about”, raves another generous critic, assuredly after spending countless seconds reading about how at 25 years of age I am completely green to the idea of cameras, photography, and editing.

Hey, check this out. I’m just a dude that likes wine, baseball, and zombies. And now, and I have a camera. Other than escaping death in an accident right around my first birthday, I wouldn’t stand out in a bar. Until I got drunk, at least, and started dancing on your table and reciting word for word “Gangnam Style”.

I love people. I love making people smile and laugh. Everyone on earth has a story, and I love hearing them. This is my opportunity to share a fun journey through something that is completely new to me. It’s also my opportunity to connect with and learn from other people who have already taken this journey.

You’ll dectect sarcasm. You’ll wonder how my brain works and why I say the things I do. You might laugh. You won’t cry. You’ll want to buy me a beer, and if you’re ever in the Joplin, MO area I’ll let you. You’ll cheer. You’ll probably feel bad for me because I have no idea what I’m doing. You might laugh a second time. But I promise, you’ll be entertained.

I make that promise because I put a lot of thought and all of the effort I am capable of putting forth into writing. With virtually no creative writing training, and half of a college degree in kinesiology, you’ll really have to give me credit for trying. But I will do my best, and at the end of the day if no one is laughing and no one is reading, I’m still going to laugh at myself.

So hang in there with me. Send me a virtual high-five if I do something right. If I do something wrong, tell me about it. Don’t feel bad, because you can’t break this spirit; I’m virtually indestructible. I’m like a tank inside of a tank inside of a tank, only way stronger than that.

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