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Hey gang! Remember how yesterday I was talking about putting on my metaphorical armor and slaying dragons just to keep you reading? Well, now this is happening:


Oh hell yeah.

After being disappointed with all the noise my pictures have been turning up with, I decided I had to nut up and figure it out. It happened multiple times, and it just wasn’t going away. Since I really don’t have any people that like standing in awkward poses for extended periods of time, I turned to another circle of acquaintances: my Legos. And what did I just so happen to find? Yep. A freaking dragon slayer. Dude even has a cape. If you’ve seen The Incredibles, you’ll know why capes suck. It’s cool, I can lose the thing. Seriously though, if that’s not a sign that I was born to write about amateur photography in my spare time, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, I got to dig through my legen (wait for it…) DARY, my legendary Lego collection tonight and I had a lot of fun. And then it got all awkward, because as I was sitting there posing a couple of figures for some shots, I kept thinking about how at some point between my childhood and now, my creativity is gone. That used to be my most powerful tool, and I’m not utilizing it anymore. How does one channel their inner creativity and use it daily? I hear it come out once in a while. Like, I’ll have a unique idea at a meeting that no one had thought of until I bring it to their attention. But that kid that used to sit and play with these legos… He was always coming up with new things and ways to improve on a design. Where did he go?

Okay, that’s deep enough. I’m going to hit you with some more of these pictures: Just me, some Legos, and my kitchen table.


In this picture, as you can tell, Lego Indiana Jones has conquered my salt shaker like a BOSS.


Yeah, there’s obviously a lot of post-production stuff happening here, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been editing my stuff in Lightroom and this raw file just screamed “Yesteryear”. So, I did. And I added the vignette, but I re-shaped it, and that helped. The way he is waving goodbye is almost like it’s the end of an episode of Bonanza or something John Wayne.


This one pissed me off. I had to take it sixteen times because the guy on the left kept looking away from the camera, blinking, yawning, and sneezing. He was a real jerk to work with.


Chief Yellowhead keeps a watchful eye out for crumbs in the kitchen.


Caught these two yellow-handed trying to escape with my plastic treasure.

monkey around.

Just monkeying around.

going medival

You guys have probably noticed that I don’t name any of my pictures. If that’s been pissing you off, I have the cure.
I call this picture “Going medieval on that jackass that speeds his bike up and down my street”. Thought of it myself, actually.

One last thing, I snapped this one quickly and quietly just to show you how interested girls are in grown ass men playing with Legos.


That’s all I have for now. I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out since my last several batches sucked. Lesson learned: Keep Calm, Shoot On, (but keep the wine chilled).