Okay guys and gals. This is serious.

I really want you to follow my journey. ………. When I say journey, I feel like I should be fighting dragons. Like, I have a silver sword, and I’m about to slay a dragon to save an entire village. But then I remember: no one lives in a village anymore. That’s from them “olden days”. Regardless, I’m willing to slay a dragon for you. How many of your blog friends are willing to do that just to keep you around? I would presume a big fat zero.

But now, with me, you have one. One blogger to rise above them all. One who would put on his metaphorical armor and slay a dragon right outside your child’s window while you read them “Goodnight Moon”. Seriously people, it’s the best freaking book since Samuel L. Jackson voice-overed “Go the F$%# to Sleep”, which is a damn good read for a guy who drinks as much as me.

Anyways, tonight, I made a Facebook page. Yep. I’m active on the book, and you nor any of my 1,400 friends can persuade me otherwise.

“What should I do!?”, will certainly ask the commenters below. I’ll tell you what to do. Go to http://www.facebook.com/WTFisPHOTOGRAPHY and click the “like” button. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You might even lose ten pounds, regardless whether or not it’s solely from your tears of disappointment. I don’t care how you do it, I just care about this: I will keep in touch with my readers a great deal better if they’re on my facebook page and it affords me two opportunities. I can 1) spam my posts on your wall without feeling guilty about doing it as your friend, and 2) it will weed out the a-holes that are my facebook friend only because I got drunk and they remember me as “that guy who sang the song from ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ ” that night at open mic karaoke.

Well, damn it, that was a fabulous rendition if I do say so myself, but regardless, more content, laughs, cries, pictures, and awesomeness is coming.

And to those readers and commenters who say “WTF have you been doing the last five or so days, mattyflex?”.

Well, to be perfectly honest… I tried my hand at sports photography. While I got a positive response from the subjects I shot, I’m not satisfied with my work. I even had a young man say “I’ve been wanting someone to come and take pictures of basketball this year, but my family isn’t able to afford it”. Well, I’ll tell you like I told this dude: I’m a friggin amateur. I will print whatever pictures you like, and I will give you whatever pictures on whatever foam, frame, or canvas you want, and I will do it at the exact cost to me. It’s really an honor when someone says “nice picture”. That’s part of learning photography and that’s something that, for a while, I’m simply not going to budge with. I swear, if I made six figures doing photography, this is where my heart would be. Moments like “I can’t afford a photographer” are what I live for.

Most of my 130+ followers don’t have a damn clue about me. Let me give you a brief history about my life: I was born of a mother who was in no condition to take care of me, I grew up in a trailer, and I worked my way through my company for the last five years to be where I am today. And, if I fail, I can just blame it on her. Okay, that’s not true. I’m old enough that I have no one to blame but myself and I am where I am today because of resiliency.

I think what I’m trying to say is that… I’ve been there. Future people that want nice pictures taken of their families, I’ve been there. Single moms that can’t afford to pay for outrageous photography fees.. I’ve been in a nearby boat, and I am willing to help you at zero cost.

But… at the same time, I am just a dude that is trying to learn about photography.

Also with my last five days, I attended a birthday party and was granted permission to take some candids. And guess what? They sucked. I mean, my f/stop was about right, I thought, but I keep getting noise. And if I keep getting noise, I’m going to make some noises and say some words that perhaps would offend reserved church-goers. But I now know what it’s like to try and be taken seriously, only to have a terrible product. I’m going to fix that.

I’m ending this post by saying this: I think my blog is going more places than my actual photography. If that’s true, maybe I should be a counselor. But, if I can bring just an ounce of joy or rememberance to someone who, because of budget constrictions, may never have had it, I have done my job.

So… families, friends, couples, and individuals wanting amateur photography done for free… Hi! My name is mattyflex and I am here to serve you. I really, really need the practice.