Let me first start off by saying it’s pretty ridiculous that there are 34 people following my blog and 375 reads. That’s all in less than week, and I haven’t even done anything cool. I’m just a guy who knows absolutely nothing about picture taking or cameras or anything, yet here you all are. Granted, I know of a few people that came by just to make fun of me, I have been overjoyed and extremely grateful for all the views, follows, and comments. Interacting with others is what life is all about, and so far you all seem pretty cool, so keep it up.

Now, for the good stuff. UPS finally came through for me. At 1:39 PM CST they dropped off my camera, lenses, bag, and SD card. Unfortunately for me (lucky for you), that might mean I’m not going to be writing as much so I can try and figure this beotch out. Anyways, here’s a picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy SIII of a Canon T3 before I left my office today. Please don’t tell me how crappy it is, I already know. It’s a phone first, then its a camera.


I am all grown up now. I moved out onto my own 8 years ago, I pay my own insurance, pick out my own clothes to wear every day, shave my own face (but not lately), cut my own grass, wipe my own butt, tie my own shoes, eat junk food whenever I want, play video games in my underwear, occasionally skip showers and no one knows it, drink beer, shoot deer, can go see Les Miserables and cry all I want (and boy, did I ever), build things with my hands, change my own oil, and now, I own my own camera. Damn, it’s like I’m a real boy up in here.

Before I depart to embark on this beautiful friendship I am about to commence, I just wanted to know if anyone ever names their camera. I can envision someone dropping their camera, picking it up, and saying “oh honey, it’s okay, I’m so sorry!”. It’s kind of like how people name their vehicles. My truck is named “Tanpanga” (tan-pain-guh). It’s named after Topanga from Boy Meets World, but my truck is tan, so… yeah. If your camera has a name, I want to know what it is and why, and while you’re at it, I’m going to need you to throw out some creative ideas for the name of mine.